Why us

Why Haebix


Haebix ensures that their asssociates and partners are resolved with their issues as soons as possible without any hassle.All types of support are available.

Every franchise partner after working 2-3 years with some single preschool chain thinks why should i give royality or why should i concern to head office as they can run by their own in a very sucessful manner or person thinks why i can;t start a new preschool chain.So to overocome these issues and thoughts Haebix introduces a new plan of being a franchise partner in which no one whould ever think such type of questions.The plan makes the worth of being a partner.


Innovative Curicullum
Technology Advancmen at Each Step
Digital Store
Social Connectivity
Experienced Management Team
24X7 Support
Proven Business Model
Annual Updates of Teachning Methodolgy
Leader in Playschool

Haebix is based on the concept of Innovation in Play School Mangement.We have a grat combination of Technology with academics which provides an excellent Learning atmosphere to every chldren.Our features makes us different and better from others.