Curriculum at Haebix

Curriculum designed here is totally unique. It is specially prepared after surveying different societies. Way its taught makes the child special. It fetches the talent of child and empowers it accordingly. Parents are not at all burdened and can be care free as responsibility of developing your child is on HAEBIX. We are there to help every parent in each and every manner to make your child special. We guarantee you that this innovative teaching technique will make HAEBIX the upcoming best preschool chain.

Activity based learning
Play Oriented Programs
Gross Motor Development
Clean India
Mathematical Understanding Practically
To realize them that childhood is the time for fun and learning
Conceptual Activity
Basic Concepts of numbers
Practical Life
Social Development
Skill Development
Fine Motor Development
Personality Development
Imagination and Aspiration
Different Variety of Purposeful Activity
Body Language
Care for Environment
Refinement of Senses
Language Development
Creativity of Child