Admission Information

Get Admission to Haebix

Admission at Haebix is based on first come first serve basis depending on the availablity of seats in the respective branch.Admission in Haebix remians open throughout the year.

Admitting your child to India’s know best preschool i.e Haebix is very much easy and simple.

Just download the Haebix app from store,locate nearest Haebix ,view the campus,talk to its staff and get your child ready to go on board with Haebix preschool.

If not satisfied then our staff also visits yout place so that parent -bracnh has no communication gap.

Age Crieria



Play Group 1 and half +
Montessori 2+
Prep- I 3+
Preb -II 4+



Documents required at the time of admission

Birth Certificate
Parent Photos
Relative or Attendant Photos