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What We Do

We make learning easy for kids.
New and Interesting Concepts for building up the child.
Friendly environment.
We make child unique among all.
Teach them ethics of Indian culture.

HAEBIX is a preschool chain in which learning is made easy with all Indian Concepts and Australian methodology.It combines national and international standards for educating kids at every notch.Here education system makes the child totally different.Some part of the curriculum teaches the students ethics and culture of India whereas some part teaches the students to learn playfully with Activity learning concept and creative learning concept.It also binds some methodology of Gurukul.

HAEBIX enriches every Haebixian with knowledgable thoughts without giving any hassle or any burden to child or their parent.

Though being a youngest brand of preschool, HAEBIX has a unique system that empowers and enriches the children with variety of knowledge and hence even the parents are surprised of what their tiny tots are capable of. That’s why it’s being called as a new era preschool chain. It provides unique teaching methods like Smart class kit, child friendly software’s, touch screen computers, digitized equipment’s in class and many other different teaching aids which make learning easy and interesting for growing children. At HAEBIX our trained teachers encourage children to be a self-made person and teach them various moral discipline and etiquette towards every person. HAEBIX has the motto of making every child feel special in their own world. We make sure that the Environment is safe and sound which allows the child to grow and learn in a natural manner.We are trying our level best to make sure this education system is used across country for making each and every child special for every parent in this world. 

Services and Capabilities

Haebix provides services to kids and parent at every end with all new technical know how methods.

Learning Practical Concepts

Cluster of Bright Students

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Setting up the child

Our Team Of Experts

Team play a vital role in every field. Hence taking it as most important thought HAEBIX has a team which is expert at every end.

Dr. Madan Mohan Sinha ‘Manuj’

Sanjay Mani Mohan